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Anti-gay literature appears on doorsteps in Milwaukee alderman race

With a looming April 1 general election, Wisconsin’s own version of Fred Phelps has begun attacking Milwaukee Common Council candidate Patrick Flaherty. Pilgrim’s Covenant Church, headed by Ralph Ovadahl, started dropping hate-filled literature in key areas. The pamphlets are only being dropped off in the precincts within Flaherty’s district that have the highest voter turnout.

While the literature doesn’t mention him specifically, the anti-gay activists engaged in similar tactics with openly gay state Sen. Tim Carpenter when he ran his campaign.

The literature reads, in part:

Q: I am against the “special rights” homosexuals demand, but I do not believe that homosexuals should be discriminated against. Isn’t that a proper stand on this issue?

A: No. If citizens are not allowed to discriminate in any way with regard to out-of-the-closet homosexuals, then there is no basis for denying those involved in sexual perversion the right to adopt and teach children, marry one another, be policemen or medics, serve in the armed forces, be elected officials and judges, work for you and rent from you. It is because of the no-special-rights approach that we now have open homosexuals involved in many activities from which they should have been banned, and principled property owners and businessmen are required by law in many states to rent to and employ persons of low moral character engaged in immoral conduct which flies in the face of the deepest beliefs of the landlords and employers.

Flaherty served as the director of community relations for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center of Milwaukee and helped organize Milwaukee’s efforts to defeat the anti-gay marriage amendment. He has been endorsed by the Milwaukee Labor Council, AFSCME, and the LGBT Center Advocates PAC, Wisconsin’s only LGBT political action committee.

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