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Beth Tuura responds to opponent’s gun incident

This week it was revealed that Victory Spotlight Candidate Beth Tuura’s primary opponent was charged with entering a federal building with a loaded handgun without the safety on. 
In a statement, Tuura’s campaign responded by calling out Lim’s recklessness and questioning his ability to stand up to the gun lobby: 
Henry Lim broke federal law and put real lives at risk when he carried a loaded weapon into a federal building. His carelessness and poor judgment demonstrates he is not the leader we need to prevent gun violence and confront Rick Scott and the NRA. On June 12, 49 members of our community lost their lives at Pulse nightclub because of our state’s failure to adopt common-sense gun violence prevention measures. Our community needs a leader in Tallahassee with the judgment and passion to take on the entrenched gun lobby to achieve common sense reforms. I will be that leader.
As a lesbian woman running to represent the district where the Pulse massacre took place, these 49 victims and their families affect me deeply. They are my motivation to secure universal background checks, prevent violent offenders from obtaining firearms, and ban military-style assault rifles. Lim’s illegal and reckless behavior demonstrates he is unable to follow the lax gun laws already in place, and that he cannot be trusted to advance the Democratic values my campaign is fighting for every day in Florida.

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Tuura is running to represent District 47 in the Florida House. She has made gun violence prevention and LGBTQ rights a central part of her campaign. 
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