Amy Quinn

Asbury City Council, At-Large

Amy will continue to be an important voice for equality on the Asbury City Council!


Amy Quinn has been on Asbury Park’s City Council since 2013, and she has served as the Deputy Mayor since 2015. Senior Staff Attorney at the Community Health Law Project, Deputy Mayor Quinn has a passion for fair housing and promoting public art within the City. Among her proudest accomplishments are proactive measures to try to ensure that City residents who stayed in the City through the City’s hard times can continue to live here, including the adoption of a rent control ordinance and nine (9) affordable housing ordinances that require mandatory affordable housing set-asides in various areas of the City; and requiring mandatory workforce development and green building standards in all new Redevelopment Agreements. Amy and her wife Heather, have an 8-year-old son who attends public school in the Asbury Park school district.