Brianna Titone

Colorado House of Representatives, District 27


Brianna will be the first openly trans member of the Colorado State House


A Geologist and Software Developer by trade, Brianna has always advocated for her community and especially for those in need. Brianna first realized she has a passion for helping others when she began serving as a volunteer firefighter nearly 25 years ago. She continues to live a life of service as an Officer of the Jefferson County Democratic LGBTQIA+ Caucus, as a longstanding President of her HOA, and as an active volunteer with Necrosearch International, an organization that helps families reunite with their lost loved ones. As Colorado’s first openly trans political candidate for State Representative, Brianna looks forward to supporting and defending legislation to further protect and aid all marginalized people, including those in the LGBTQIA+ community. She advocates for everyone’s interest to be represented, as this is the path to acceptance of all peoples, meaningful access to services, and equality.

Importance of Candidacy:

  • Brianna is the first openly trans candidate to run for the Colorado General Assembly.
  • She will be the first openly trans member of the Colorado House of Representatives.

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