Andrew Fitch

North Adams City Council


Andrew will be an important voice for equality on the North Adams City Council!


Andrew Fitch is deeply passionate about North Adams and want to use his future seat on the North Adams City Council to continue to make a positive impact by developing responsible and inclusive policies, generating opportunity, bringing people together, and helping to build a vibrant city.

Andrew was born and raised in Massachusetts. He studied International Relations, Business, and Political Science in Virginia, Europe, and Asia throughout his undergraduate and graduate degrees. His career has varied from directing an acting school to managing local and national marketing partnerships to producing inclusion programs at major Tech companies and nonprofits. This diverse career has taken him across industries and the world, with the common thread being a focus on community development and advocacy.

After time spent living and learning in other cities and towns, Andrew was eager to move back home to Massachusetts, where he could dive into the beautiful City of North Adams, and leverage his experience, passion, and vision to fix up old buildings, create businesses and nonprofits, develop spaces for residents to gather, foster a bustling downtown small business district, contribute to the workings of government, and make a positive impact on his community.