Janani Ramachandran

State Assembly District 18

Janani will be California's first LGBT API female-identified legislator!


Janani Ramachandran is a social justice lawyer, activist, and artist. If elected, Janani would be California’s first South Asian and first LGBTQ API female-identified state legislator.  Janani is an East Bay native and the granddaughter of immigrants from a small South Indian village. After graduating from Stanford University, Janani worked as a home-visiting case manager at a community health clinic, serving immigrant mothers experiencing domestic violence and housing instability. She has previously served on the Oakland Public Ethics Commission and currently serves on the California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs. Janani has recently worked as an attorney at Family Violence Appellate Project, pursuing legal appeals and advocacy efforts to improve access to justice for all survivors of abuse. Janani remains to stay active with community organizations, serving as a Board Director at Men Creating Peace, a restorative-justice violence intervention program, as a volunteer with MHFirst, a mental health hotline, and as a member of tenants advocacy groups. Janani is a proud 2020 Victory Empowerment Fellow. 

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