Jeffrey Litke

Naugatuck Board of Education, At-Large


Jeffrey will be a strong LGBTQ voice on the Naughatuck Board of Education


Jeff Litke is a proud resident of Naugatuck where he was raised and educated. He attended Naugatuck public schools and graduated from Naugatuck High School in 1999. Jeff then went on to attend the University of Connecticut and graduated with his Bachelor’s in Political Science in 2003 and with a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of New Haven in 2011.

Jeff has always been a firm believer that public service is one of the most rewarding opportunities that someone can partake in. From July 2004 until December 2010, Jeff served as an aide to Connecticut Governor Rell. He then went on to work for the Department of Labor and is currently working in Human Resources for the Town of Stratford. During this time Jeff was able to work in the public sector and connect with residents and constituents and learn about the challenges facing the residents of our great state.

Jeff believes that the Naugatuck Schools are a great place for a child to learn and grow. He believes that the school system provides the opportunities for students to be lifelong learners and successful adults. He also thinks that the Naugatuck school system has done an outstanding job of fostering a culture and climate that is welcoming and allows students to be who they are. Jeff wants to continue serving on the Naugatuck Board of Education where he believes he has been able to learn about the school system and provide valuable feedback and input.

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