Elinor Levin

Iowa State House of Representatives, District 89


Elinor will be the first out LGBTQ Legislator in her District!


Elinor wants to live in an Iowa that we can all talk about with pride, as we do when conversations of redistricting and gerrymandering surface, as she did when telling people that she was moving back in 2016. She wants to see Iowans take responsibility for the water and land that we send downstream and that we will leave behind when we are gone. She wants to ensure that people in this state are safe, well, and supported throughout their lives. She has to be an advocate for compassion and reason in the forward movement of her community. Asa communicator, she is eager to consult with experts to make well-considered decisions that improve the lives of her fellow citizens. Her fundamental belief in progress and community has been challenged and strengthened in the past years, and she firmly believes that she must employ her privilege and education to be a dynamic voice in the state’s decision making going forward.

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