Marko Liias

Lieutenant Governor of Washington

Game Changer

Marko will be the first openly LGBTQ executive statewide official in Washington!


Senator Marko Liias grew up in a middle class family, where he learned that if you work hard and play by the rules—in America—anything is possible. The son of a carpenter and a school lunch lady–Marko’s parents taught him and his sister the importance of hard work to get ahead.

Marko was the first person in his family to graduate from college and he helped start a small family business. When the housing market collapsed, their business was forced to close its doors. That is why Marko is so committed to making sure other small businesses have the resources and support to succeed.

Today, Marko is a well-respected leader in the State Senate, where he is a consistent, determined voice for middle class families just like the one he grew up in. He has been a leader on critical issues like education, transportation and small business job growth. And he led the five year effort that culminated in Washington’s ban of conversion therapy.

As Washington’s next Lt. Governor, Marko will work to guarantee that these milestones are just the first steps to ensuring every Washingtonian has access to education and opportunity, jobs with living wages, and safe and livable communities.

Marko represents a new generation of Democrats, and a new generation of political leaders—socially progressive, supportive of small business, and unafraid to stand up to special interests.

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