Marsha Silverman

Glen Cove City Council


Marsha will continue to be one of the only out LGBTQ+ elected officials in Long Island!


Marsha Silverman, first elected to the Glen Cove City Council in 2017, is the first openly gay/lesbian elected to the City of Glen Cove City Council. She is running for re-election to represent those with marginalized voices and to ensure all perspectives are represented in local government. She is committed to continuing her initial campaign platform of integrity, transparency and fiscal responsibility, values she has emulated and held true to during her first two terms in office. Marsha enjoys tremendous bipartisan support as she has demonstrated record of making fact based non-partisan decisions to assist the most members of the public possible. Marsha’s strong finance background enables her to parse local government budgeting and planning matters. Once elected, Marsha initiated and facilitated a yearly City sponsored Pride event and has volunteered in the school system to bring programming to questioning youth in the Glen Cove School district making her a trailblazer on LGBTQ inclusive issues on Long Island.