Adele McClure

Virginia House of Delegates, District 2

Spotlight Candidate Winner!

Adele will be the first Black person and first Asian person elected to the legislature from Arlington County!

  • A barrier breaker 
  • An emerging leader 
  • An advocate for ALL Virginians 

A barrier breaker 

As a long-time resident of Arlington County who experienced periodic homelessness and poverty, Adele knows the systemic challenges that Virginians can experience. Through her community activism, Adele has worked with community advocates and members of the Virginia state legislature to pass legislation that would break down these barriers to improve the lives of all Virginians. Through her work in organizing for VA OFA and as the Executive Director of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, she worked diligently to remove Jim Crow era exemptions to the minimum wage and continues to work to end voter suppression policies. 

An emerging leader 

While in college at Virginia Commonwealth University, she served as the Student Body President, laying the groundwork for her post-grad career as a community leader. Prior to becoming the Executive Director of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, Adele worked for the state government in the Department of Housing and Community Development. There, she worked to reduce evictions and youth homelessness, enforcing the idea that housing is a human right, not a luxury.  

An advocate for ALL Virginians 

Adele has worked tirelessly for years advocating for more affordable housing at the statewide level, environmental justice to lower Virginians energy bills, and protecting the rights of workers. Through her service she has raised the minimum wage and fought to have protections for workers at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Through her robust years of experience, Adele has more than proven herself as someone who will fight for what is right for ALL Virginians.