Chi Ossé

New York City Council, District 36

Chi will be the youngest person ever elected to the New York City Council!


Chi Ossé is a third-generation Brooklynite, activist, and political candidate, who grew up in North Crown Heights. Ossé is playing key role in the revitalization of the Black Lives Matters Movement by marching alongside Warriors in the Garden, a collective of activists. Chi knows that City council is supposed to be a check upon police, education, and the criminal justice system. So Chi took it upon himself to run for office and fight against the inequities that have always been visible in his community.  
On Juneteenth, Ossé announced his bid for City Council in the 36th District. Throughout his childhood, Ossé witnessed the negative effects of gentrification, police brutality, education inequality, and food deserts in his community. He also realized the difference in opportunities as he navigated throughout New York City. As an activist and now candidate, Chi will bring awareness to, and fight for, positive change to these issues. 
Ossé intends to win the 36th District and sponsor initiatives that will Re-invest capital and resources into communities of color and lower-income communities. He is focused on what he calls the Three R’s: Reinvest, Renew, and Reimagine. 

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