Sharice Davids

U.S. House of Representatives, KS-03

Winner! Game Changer

Sharice will be the first openly LGBTQ member of Congress from Kansas and one of the first Native American women elected to Congress


Sharice Davids was raised by a veteran single-mother, her childhood was spent moving from school to school; it was an upbringing that made her smart, tough and compassionate. After studying at UMKC, Sharice earned a law degree from Cornell, and worked in community development at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. In 2016, Sharice participated in the White House Fellowship Program during the Obama-Trump transition. This tumultuous experience reaffirmed her belief that competent, thoughtful people need to get political so that government is more representative of US citizens. When Sharice arrived back in Kansas, she became a spearhead in the fight for equality.

She faces a minimum of five Democratic candidates in her August primary. Then she’ll face controversial Rep. Kevin Yoder who has a zero-rating from the Human Rights Campaign on his LGBT voting record. If she’s victorious, she’d be the first openly lesbian Congressperson from Kansas and the first female Native American in Congress.

Sharice announced her candidacy the day after the Florida school shooting, infuriated by the lack of action in Congress. As well as sensible gun control and equality, she is running on a platform of healthcare as a human right, climate change protections, and steadfast protection of human rights. Sharice defines her race’s focus as “opportunity, equity, and action”; as she is also a professional martial artist, we wouldn’t want to stand in her way.

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