Todd Delmay

Florida State House of Representatives, District 100

Todd will be the first out gay parent elected to the Florida legislature!


Todd Delmay is a husband and father, a businessman and entrepreneur. He and his husband have been together over 18 years, but when they had the opportunity to adopt their son in 2010, Jeff had to adopt their son as a “single parent” and Todd was told to bring some friends and try to blend into the background because it was illegal to adopt in the State of Florida. The law was overturned later that year, and he adopted Blake as a second parent, but the experience was not forgotten. In 2014 when they had the opportunity to joined five other plaintiff couples to sue for the right to marry, they stepped up to protect their family. In 2015 when their judge lifted her stay, they were married by her and became the first gay couple to marry in Florida.  
Todd was a TEDx speaker in 2019, and although his 20 year career in tourism survived the impacts of 9/11 and the Great Recession, Covid has been more difficult to overcome. His campaign is determined to support small businesses, address the climate concerns of the coastal communities he will represent, and fight for the Civil Rights which have come under attack by the Republican-led Florida legislature. As one of the founders of the LGBTQ+ Council, he has also continued to connect local governments with resources that support their  embrace of diversity and inclusion. His focus on winning a seat in the Florida legislature to represent all Floridians is strongly supported by his family and the community throughout South Florida.

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