Michael Vargas

Elk Grove Unified School District, Area 2


Michael will be the first out LGBTQ person elected to the Elk Grove School Board!


Michael Vargas is an attorney and law professor in Elk Grove, California. Michael has had a strong connection to education for decades. As a junior in high school, he volunteered as a teacher’s assistant in Jefferson Elementary in downtown Minneapolis, and in college, he volunteered for a program on campus that brought students from LAUSD onto campus to encourage them to pursue college. These foundational experiences led Michael to pursue a Masters in Education focused on the intersection between high school and college, and Michael spent four years working directly with first-and second-year college students, helping them transition to college and adulthood. Michael continues this commitment to education today as a law professor, teaching classes in business, startup, and employment law. As an attorney, Michael has been a champion of LGBTQ+ people. In his second year of law school, Michael worked for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, supporting the commission’s first cases in support of LGBTQ+ plaintiffs. These cases would eventually make their way to the Supreme Court in the landmark Bostock v. Clayton County decision. Michael then served as the Chair of the Santa Clara County EEO Advisory Commission, bringing his experience back to support the local community. In private practice, as a small business lawyer, Michael provides pro bono services to LGBTQ+ small business owners, and trans/non-binary people seeking an official name and/or gender change. Outside of work, Michael enjoys doing community service projects with friends, fixing up the backyard, and spending time with his husband, Brent, and their three dogs.

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