The Agenda

Phillipe Cunningham blocks competitor from securing party endorsement 

Last Saturday, residents of Minneapolis’ Ward 4 turned out for their Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Ward Convention to select their nominee for city council. Following a dramatic increase in turnout for the DFL caucuses three weeks ago, engagement in the Ward Conventions also exceeded expectations. Because of the organizing by Spotlight Candidate Phillipe Cunningham’s campaign and elevated levels of engagement, no endorsement was issued.

With 107 votes, Phillipe received the most votes of any candidates at the convention, edging out incumbent Barb Johnson. Because no candidate reached 60 percent of the vote, the DFL will issue no endorsement in this race.

This is a considerable success for Phillipe’s campaign. Barb Johnson has won the DFL endorsement in every election since 1997 when she was first elected. In 2013, every candidate that received the DFL endorsement went on to win the general election. The DFL provides endorsed candidates with fundraising connections, staff support and party data. With no endorsement in the race, Phillipe’s chances at winning the November election have considerably increased.

Our other endorsed candidates, Spotlight Candidate Andrea Jenkins and Jillia Pessenda, have their endorsement conventions this Saturday, April 29. Consider donating to Minneapolis candidates Phillipe Cunningham, Andrea Jenkins, and Jillia Pessenda so they can represent our community and fight for LGBTQ equality at the local level.