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Denise Juneau slams Zinke’s support for Trump in debate

In their first debate, Denise Juneau spared no criticism in opponent Ryan Zinke’s support for presidential candidate Donald Trump.
“I sometimes wonder if he’s (Zinke) representing Montana or making sure he’s on a 24-hour news cycle and out stumping for Donald Trump, and missing critical votes,” Juneau said. “I can tell you what he’s not done. He’s not supported Indian Country.”
We just love Denise! So proud. #teamjuneau
— AmerIndians4Juneau (@AI4DeniseJuneau) August 30, 2016
The freshman congressman has publicly thrown his hat into the ring for a position in a Trump administration, saying he would be, “honored to the duty in whatever capacity that is…I would be honored to be a part of the cabinet. I would be honored to be vice president.”
Throughout the campaign, Zinke has faced criticism for his willingness to politicize and sell public lands and for his ties to other anti-LGBTQ politicians.
If elected, Denise would be the first Native American woman in Congress and the first openly LGBTQ member from Montana.

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