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Equality Florida Action PAC announces support for Victory-endorsed candidates

Equality Florida Action PAC announced endorsements for 22 candidates in the state yesterday, including Victory-endorsed state legislative candidates Ken Keechl, Michael Góngora and David Richardson. The endorsements come during a historic year for LGBTQ Floridians. Never before have so many viable, LGBTQ candidates run for office in the state, which the Movement Advancement Project labels a “low-equality” state for LGBTQ people. The potential increase in LGBTQ representation at both the local and state levels provides an exciting opportunity to move equality forward for LGBTQ Floridians.
Previously, Equality Florida Action PAC endorsed Victory-endorsed candidates Beth Tuura, Carlos Guillermo Smith, Jennifer Webb and Alan Clendenin. The organization endorses candidates that are “champions of LGBTQ equality” and “running a strong and competitive campaign.” Unlike Victory Fund, Equality Florida Action PAC does not require candidates identify as LGBTQ.
A complete list of Equality Florida Action PAC endorsements can be found on their website.

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