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Facing unprecedented anti-trans attacks, Danica Roem focuses on local issues

The historic Virginia House of Delegates candidate Danica Roem has faced non-stop anti-trans attacks from her opponent throughout the course of the campaign — and “Bigot Bob” Marshall is doubling-down in the final week before election day.

Just this week, the Republican Party of Virginia sent District 13 voters a mailer that not only misgenders Danica, but claims she wants to teach “transgenderism” in kindergarten. Authorized by Bigot Bob, the attack mailer claims Danica made the election about her gender identity, despite his compulsive inability to not bring up her gender identity in any public appearance.

Throughout the campaign he has refused to debate her, complaining he would be called out by her supporters for his bigotry. Yet in early October, he launched anti-trans robocalls that spread lies about Danica and her position on trans issues — including a claim that she “supports boys using girls bathrooms.” He also told alt-right “news” source Breitbart that “Roem is a guy who thinks he’s a girl who wears a dress.” The reporter only uses incorrect pronouns in reference to Danica.

Despite the attacks, Danica is confident and upbeat, going to door-to-door to tell voters about the local issues she wants to address once in office. Victory Fund will be on-the-ground on election day working to get out the vote. You can join us by registering here. 

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