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Jane Campbell’s opponent blames others for his role in passing HB2

Above: John Bradford (left) and Victory-endorsed candidate Jane Campbell.
Despite sponsoring and voting for the disastrous HB2 that damaged North Carolina’s reputation and economy, state Representative John Bradford is now blaming others for the bill’s passage. On Saturday, Bradford shared a Facebook post claiming Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts was “hell-bent” on passing a non-discrimination law, and that her effort to protect LGBTQ people forced him and his state legislative colleagues to strip those protections by passing HB2. His finger pointing revealed his delusion over the reasons for the national backlash, and his leadership role in the debacle.
On Friday, Bradford continued to play politics with LGBTQ lives by saying he would support HB2’s repeal, but only if Charlotte first repeals its protections for LGBTQ people. His statement came after the NCAA and ACC announced it would move its championship games outside the state. But a repeal of both laws would keep discrimination against LGBTQ people legal, and Equality North Carolina denounced any moves to repeal Charlotte’s law, noting it’s HB2 that is prompting sports teams and companies to leave the state.
While Bradford points fingers and denies culpability, his Victory-endorsed challenger Jane Campbell is discussing issues that matter to North Carolinians – increasing education funding and ending unfair highway tolls. Bradford’s support for HB2 is her inspiration for running – and she would work tirelessly to repeal HB2 as the only openly LGBTQ person in the state legislature. A 25-year Navy veteran who served in Afghanistan, she is ready to take the fight to Bradford and remind voters of his critical role in harming the state’s economy. 
On Tuesday, Jane released the following statement:
“John Bradford drafted, sponsored and voted for HB2. His recent statement in support of repeal, on the condition that Charlotte legalizes discrimination against LGBTQ residents, is a dishonest tactic to avoid blame for his legislative incompetence and poor judgment. Bradford needs no action from Charlotte to repeal HB2. It has been a catastrophe for the economy, has cost us hundreds of millions of dollars, tens of thousands of jobs, and tarnished the reputation of our great state.
But HB2 is just one of several disasters Bradford has championed. He was also a cheerleader for the I-77 toll contract before it was signed, and subsequently decided it was a bad idea without admitting his mistake. District 98 deserves a new and honest leader who will put North Carolina’s economy and families first. I will be that leader.”
Similarly, Victory Fund and Equality North Carolina jointly released a statement criticizing Bradford. 
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