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Kyle Thorson calls for leadership as violence erupts over Dakota pipeline

Victory-endorsed candidate Kyle Thorson, running for a state House seat in North Dakota’s district 18, released a statement calling on the governor to take action after violence erupts over the Dakota pipeline:
“Growing up in North Dakota, I know that we are a state that strongly values our land and our people — in fact, this is one of my favorite things about this state that we call home.  This is why the scenes from the Dakota pipeline site are deeply disturbing to me, and I am concerned about, and categorically condemn, the escalating violence.  Governor Dalrymple’s silence and band-aid solutions have only exacerbated tensions and have created a powder keg that must be defused immediately. 
“North Dakota elected leaders must be a bridge to solutions that go beyond temporary fixes. Governor Dalrymple must convene all parties, including federal officials to end the violence and address the legitimate concerns of all parties around the right to safe, uncontaminated drinking water, respect for culture and burial grounds, and the right to work without the fear of violence or injury. The leadership vacuum of the last several weeks has only underscored that dialogue is the alternative to the chaos. Governor Dalrymple should act immediately to take concrete steps to deescalate the situation and protect the lives of all North Dakotans.  I know that if we work together, we can find a solution that benefits all people in this great state.”
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