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Media shares personal stories of Victory Fund candidates

In recent weeks, personal stories and profiles of Victory Fund endorsed spotlight candidates have appeared in national and mainstream media outlets. Given most of The Agenda posts have focused on issues, positions and the horse-race, here are a few of these personal stories, so you can learn more about the outstanding candidates we have this cycle…
The Advocate published an inspiring article sharing the coming out stories of seven spotlight candidates: Leslie Herod, Jane Campbell, Beth Tuura, Jennifer Webb, Matt Heinz, Brady Piñero Walkinshaw, and Ken Keechl.  
Individual biographies were also published by The Advocate for Heinz, Walkinshaw, and Tuura, as well as spotlight candidates Daniel Hernandez and Angie Craig.
Kate Brown’s life as Oregon’s governor has been extensively featured in the Statesmen Journal and more recently Huffington Post.
The Agenda will update this post with additional stories and profiles as they come in before election day.
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