In Debate, Rep. Mike Miller Shamefully Defends Votes to Increase Presence of Guns

Victory Fund, Pride Fund, Everytown


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, October 6, 2016


Elliot Imse, Director of Communications, Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund

Jason Lindsay, Executive Director & CEO, Pride Fund to End Gun Violence

Taylor Maxwell, Deputy Press Secretary, Everytown for Gun Safety

Orlando, FL – Tuesday’s debate proved Mike Miller can’t be trusted in the state legislature to pass common sense gun reforms or even to keep in place existing critical public safety laws that keep Florida safer from unnecessary gun violence. Despite representing the district home to the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, Miller continued to defend the indefensible: his shameful record in the legislature in favor of gun lobby-backed bills that weaken public safety.

Mike Miller has repeatedly voted to weaken or relax what are already some of the worst and weakest gun laws in the country. Forty-nine people, some of them Miller’s own constituents, were murdered at Pulse Nightclub in his district. Yet Miller did not support a call by some state senators immediately following the shooting to convene a special session to consider a measure to close the “terror gap,” a loophole in our laws that allows suspected terrorists to purchase firearms.

Worse, Miller has voted repeatedly for open carry and for allowing concealed weapons on college campuses. He has consistently maintained an “A” rating from the extremist NRA leadership, perpetuating the bought-and-paid-for problem in Tallahassee preventing common sense reform. Too many of our state legislators are in the pocket of the entrenched gun lobby that prevents any gun violence prevention bills – however sensible – from becoming law, and threatens existing public safety laws. Mike Miller has proven – repeatedly –  with his voting record – that he’s neither a leader nor the common sense reformer we need to tackle the gun violence crisis in Florida.”


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