Victory Fund Endorses Eight LGBTQ Candidates; Historic Opportunity to Increase Representation in Minneapolis

CONTACT: Elliot Imse, Director of Communications, [email protected]

Washington, DC – Today Victory Fund, the only national organization dedicated to electing LGBTQ leaders to public office, endorsed eight candidates in state and local races. Three received spotlight endorsements because of their potential to make an outsize impact on equality if elected this year.

Candidates receiving spotlight endorsements include Andrea Jenkins, a Black transgender woman running for Ward 8 of the Minneapolis City Council; Phillipe Cunningham, a Black transgender man running for Ward 4 of the Minneapolis City Council; and Felix Rivera, who will become the only openly LGBTQ elected official in Alaska if elected to the Anchorage Assembly.

“We have a historic opportunity in Minneapolis to elect three openly LGBTQ people to the city council – including two candidates who would become the first openly trans people of color elected to the city council of a major U.S. city,” said Aisha C. Moodie-Mills, President & CEO of Victory Fund. “Americans are growing increasingly aware of trans equality and issues, and wins for Andrea and Phillipe will inspire other trans people to run for office and further inclusion in their communities.”

Victory Fund is focusing its 2017 efforts on increasing LGBTQ representation at the state and local levels. State and local LGBTQ officials are critical to mitigating the effects of anti-equality legislation and policies coming from the federal government and dozens of state legislatures.

Spotlight Candidates

Phillipe Cunningham, Minneapolis City Council, Ward 4 (MN)

Andrea Jenkins, Minneapolis City Council, Ward 8 (MN)

Felix Rivera, Anchorage Assembly, District 4 (AK)

Endorsed Candidates

Jillia Pessenda, Minneapolis City Council, Ward 1 (MN)

Ernie Schlegel, Reading City Council, District 5 (PA)

Endorsed Incumbents

Tim Eustace, New Jersey State Assembly, District 38

Chris Seelbach, Cincinnati City Council (OH)

Ed Zippirch, Red Bank City Council (NJ)

Since 1991, Victory Fund has helped thousands of openly LGBTQ candidates win local, state and federal elections.


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