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North Carolina Governor releases second ad targeting transgender people

Above: A scene from North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory’s ad. 
In his latest attack on the transgender community, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory released a television ad titled “Common Sense.” In it he says allowing transgender people to use the bathrooms of their gender identity is dangerous, and claims LGBTQ advocates believe political correctness supersedes the safety of children. After the video’s release, Governor McCrory doubled-down by tweeting: “Retweet if you agree political correctness shouldn’t outweigh our children’s privacy and safety.”
While McCrory’s bigoted remarks are a desperate bid for attention as his gubernatorial opponent Roy Cooper leads in the polls, it remains critical that an LGBTQ voice is added to the state’s legislature next year. Victory-endorsed candidate Jane Campbell announced her candidacy for the North Carolina State House when her now opponent in the race sponsored and voted for the discriminatory HB2 bill McCrory signed. Since then her promise to overturn HB2, increase education funding and end unfair highway tolls has resonated with voters.
Meanwhile a Raleigh News & Observer editorial emphasizes his bigoted ad does not resonate: “the gov­ernor’s latest pathet­ic at­tempt to de­ceive the pub­lic on the mer­its of the cata­stroph­ic HB2 law won’t fool any­body. … The gov­ernor’s rhet­or­ic is mis­guided on many levels. … So maybe the ques­tion here isn’t the one Mc­Crory asks, ‘Are we really talk­ing about this?’ but rather ‘Why is the gov­ernor really talk­ing about this?’”
Jane is talking about issues that truly matter, and it is crucial she succeeds in November so true “common sense” prevails.
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