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Out candidate wins Detroit Free Press endorsement

The Detroit Free Press has endorsed Dave Coulter in his race for the Michigan State Senate.  If he wins, Coulter would become the state’s first openly gay senator and the only out member of the Michigan state legislature.

Six Democrats are competing in the primary, but the Free Press said Coulter is the clear choice for voters:

Coulter…has both a track record of significant bipartisan achievement and an instinctive feel for the places where politicians with disparate objectives can find common ground. As minority leader of the Oakland County Commission, the 50-year-old Coulter has brokered a series of budget deals that won unanimous support from legislators split almost evenly between the two major parties. He also spearheaded a bipartisan, tri-county initiative that put the Detroit Zoo on solid financial footing.

Because he seems prepared to play a significant role in negotiating a grand bargain between Democrats bent on restructuring taxes and Republicans determined to shrink government, DAVID COULTER is the best choice for Democrats.

For more information about Coulter’s campaign, go here.