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Pierce forced to apologize after appalling domestic violence comments

Above: Dr. Bud Pierce at a gubernatorial debate held in Portland on Friday, September 30. (Youtube/John Tierney)
Update on 10/5/16: Bud Pierce’s spokeswoman Stacey Kafka resigned citing his comments, according to the AP. Read more >>

At the second debate last Friday between Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and opponent Bud Pierce, Pierce stated that educated women and women with good jobs are less susceptible to domestic violence.
“A woman that has a great education and training and a great job is not susceptible to this kind of abuse by men, women or anyone,” Pierce said of domestic violence.
The comment immediately drew boos from the audience in Portland. Pierce later apologized to Gov. Brown and the public.
You can view the clip of Pierce’s comments here.
Before Pierce’s statement, Gov. Brown revealed she had been the victim of domestic violence in a past relationship. She also discussed her advocacy on behalf of survivors of violence throughout her career.
“I know what it feels like to represent clients who can’t get restraining orders on abusive partners,” Brown said. “That’s why I spent a number of years in the Oregon Legislature strengthening Oregon’s domestic violence and sexual assault laws, including increasing penalties for domestic violence when a child was present, including getting the first general fund dollars ever for domestic violence shelters.”
Brown is the nation’s first openly bisexual governor and has shepherded several major reforms – from voting rights to LGBTQ rights to the minimum wage – during her short tenure.

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