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Preview: Tomorrow’s primaries in Florida & Arizona

Tomorrow primary voters in Florida and Arizona have an opportunity to move equality forward in their states by voting for exciting, viable Victory-endorsed LGBTQ candidates. Two Congressional candidates, one from each state, are running impressive campaigns that have captured the excitement of voters. And Florida has an unprecedented and surprising number of viable openly LGBTQ candidates running this election cycle, given the state is still rated a low-equality state by the Movement Advancement Project. If elected, these Florida candidates can make a significant impact on LGBTQ equality in the state.  
If you are a Florida or Arizona resident, be sure to vote tomorrow! If you have friends and family who are LGBTQ or allies in those states, be sure to share these names and encourage them to vote tomorrow. The turnout is likely to be extremely low – and winners determined by just a few hundred votes – so your efforts and vote matters! 
US Congress
Matt Heinz (District 2)
Kyrsten Sinema (District 9)
Arizona House of Representatives
Daniel Hernandez (District 2)Local Elections
Steve Gallardo (Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, District 5)
US Congress
Bob Poe (District 10)
Florida Senate
Michael Góngora (District 38)
Florida House of Representatives
Carlos Guillermo Smith (District 49)
Ken Keechl (District 93)
David Richardson (District 113)
Beth Tuura (District 47)
Jennifer Webb (District 69)
Local Elections
Kevin Beckner (Hillsborough Clerk of the Circuit Court)
Alan Clendenin (Hillsborough County School Board, District 7)
Lea Krauss (Broward County Circuit Court)
Steve Smith (Florida Keys Mosquito Control Commission, District 3)

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