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Primary field clears in Minnesota’s 2nd District Congressional race, boosting Angie Craig

Victory-endorsed Congressional candidate Angie Craig has effectively cleared the DFL primary field in Minnesota’s District 2, with her main opponent Mary Lawrence dropping out of the race Tuesday.
That news was followed by a report Wednesday that the other DFL primary contender, Roger Kittelson, will also end his campaign.
From The Uptake:
That would leave Craig as the only announced DFL candidate to replace retiring Rep. John Kline for Minnesota’s second congressional district. Minnesota holds its caucuses on March 1. Delegates selected at those caucuses will later determine who gets the party’s endorsement, which presumably would go to Craig unless another candidate quickly emerges.
If that happens and no other DFL candidate files to run in the August 9 primary, Craig would likely face one of five candidates vying for the GOP endorsement in November. Those candidates are former talk show host Jason Lewis, former state Senator John Howe, former state Representative Pam Myhra, David Gerson (who ran against Kline two years ago) and a newcomer to the race, David Benson-Staebler. Three of the candidates — Myhra, Howe and Lewis are scheduled to debate at the University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute on January 21.
Despite having been in Republican hands since 2002, Minnesota’s second congressional district is rated a toss-up. While Kline has won victories by double digit margins in most elections, thanks to redistricting a majority of the district voted for President Obama in 2012. Also DFL candidates have won several of the suburban legislative districts that used [to] be Republican.

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