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Richardson’s pro-gay adoption amendment advances in Fla. House

The Florida House of Representatives on Tuesday approved by voice vote an amendment striking discriminatory language from a law that prohibited gay Florida residents from adopting children in the state.

Introduced on Monday by Rep. David Richardson of Miami Beach, who is openly gay, the amendment follows an appeals court’s ruling against the state’s ban five years ago. In proposing the amendment, Richardson sought to eliminate the possibility that a future district court ruling could reverse the decision.

“All people who want to adopt should be judged the same way, with the best interests of children foremost,” Richardson said in a statement. “My amendment ensures that all suitable adoptive parents are able to offer loving homes and the support of a permanent family. I’m glad to have worked with my colleagues in the House to make this change.”

The amendment was attached to House Bill 7013, which seeks to increase the state’s adoption rate. Richardson, a Democrat, collaborated extensively with the House’s Republican leadership to ensure his amendment would pass. Following House passage, the bill will then be sent to the Senate, where supporters expect it to be approved.