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Roy Cooper “threw the LGBT community under the bus”

Victory Fund President & CEO Aisha C. Moodie-Mills sharply criticized North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper for signing into law an HB2 replacement bill that continues to allow discrimination against LGBTQ North Carolinians.

“The governor threw the LGBT community under the bus,” Moodie-Mills told Washington Blade reporter Mike Lavers at a Victory Institute event in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

“It was the LGBT community that ultimately pushed Roy Cooper into victory and he would be wise to remember that. I’m disheartened but I’m not surprised. At the end of the day opportunism is not partisan.”

The new bill prohibits state agencies, universities and local jurisdictions from regulating access to restrooms. It also bans cities from passing non-discrimination laws that protect LGBTQ people in private employment or public accommodations until 2020.

North Carolina’s state legislature currently has only two openly LGBTQ members — Cecil Brockman and Deb Butler. Research from Victory Institute shows states with few LGBTQ lawmakers are more likely to face anti-LGBTQ legislation like HB2.

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