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Two LGBTQ candidates targets of possible hate crimes

This election cycle we’ve seen openly LGBTQ candidates running strong races in districts both red and blue — underscoring that with the right message our incredible candidates can win anywhere.  
But challenges undoubtedly persist for LGBTQ candidates, and two incidents this week remind us of the continued need to support candidates with the courage to run and live openly. 
In Maine, state Senate candidate Justin Chenette received a hateful message written on one of his own campaign mailers: “We do NOT support sodomites!!”

And in Iowa, Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors candidate Chris Schwartz’s home was vandalized. The perpetrators spray-painted an anti-gay slur on his campaign sign and a bible verse on his front door. 
Fortunately, community members are rallying in support of Justin and Chris, and are thanking them for representing our community and moving equality forward. We appreciate their efforts too. 

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