Victory for Pete

LGBTQ Victory Fund proudly stands with Pete Buttigieg in his historic bid for President of the United States.

Pete transformed our politics.

Pete’s historic campaign for president has revolutionized what’s possible for LGBTQ candidates. While Pete was LGBTQ Victory Fund’s first presidential endorsement, it won’t be our last.

Pete Chasten Announcement

America is ready.

Pete’s historic performance in Iowa shattered expectations and has forever transformed American politics. America is ready for its first openly LGBTQ president!

Mayor Parker’s message to Iowa Democrats

For the first time in history an openly LGBTQ candidate for president is running in the Iowa Democratic caucuses. As Iowa voters head out to caucus tonight, we urge you to take a moment to reflect on the the progress our community has made. Whatever happens tonight, we’re so proud of Pete Buttigieg.

Watch the powerful speech that made Pete go viral.

On April 7, 2019, a little-known mayor from Indiana addressed Victory Fund’s supporters at our National Champagne Brunch. There, Pete told his coming out story for the first time to a national audience.

Victory for Pete News Releases

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