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Victory Fund candidate tracker – Election Night 2016

Victory Fund 2016 General Election Endorsed Candidates
Below is a list of all the openly LGBTQ candidates endorsed by Victory Fund in the 2016 General Election. All candidates are alphabetically listed by state and include the office they are running for. Use the menu below to jump to a specific state. Victory Fund’s Spotlight candidates are also included at the top of the page, listed by importance of office.
Beginning at 7 p.m. EST on Election Night, Victory Fund staff will update this page to indicate who has won or lost their races. Winners are indicated with a check mark (✓) while those who lost are indicated with an (X). 
Spotlight Candidates✓  Kate Brown – Governor, OR  X  Jim Gray – U.S. Senate, KYX  Tina Podlodowski – Secretary of State, WAX  Matt Heinz – U.S. House, AZ-2X  Angie Craig – U.S. House, MN-2X  Brady Walkinshaw – U.S. House, WA-7X  Denise Juneau – U.S. House, MT-ALX   Jane Campbell –  NC State House, District 98✓  Daniel Hernandez – AZ State House, District 2✓  Leslie Herod – CO State House, District 8X  Kyle Thorson – ND State House, District 18X  Tommy Greene – OH State House, District 16X  Jennifer Webb –  FL State House, District 69X  Ken Keechl – FL State House, District 93X  Stephen Skinner – WV State Senate, District 16✓  Carlos Guillermo Smith – FL State House, District 49X  Beth Tuura – FL State House, District 47X  Rod Snyder –  WV State House, District 67
Arizona✓  Daniel Hernandez – State House, District 2✓  Kyrsten Sinema – U.S. House, AZ-9X  Lawrence Robinson – Roosevelt Elem. School Governing Board District 66X  Matt Heinz – U.S. House, AZ-2✓  Steve Gallardo – Maricopa County Board of Supervisors 5
California✓  Alex Randolph – San Francisco Community College Board TrusteeX  Bao Nguyen – U.S. House, CA-46X  Billie Joe Wright – Anaheim Elem. School District Board of Trustees Area 1X  Brady McCarron – Perris City CouncilX  Cesar Zepeda – Richmond City Council✓  Chris Clark – Mountain View City Council✓  Christopher Ward – San Diego City Council, District 3✓  Darryl Moore – Berkeley City Council District 2✓  Dave Roberts – San Diego Board of Supervisors District 3✓  Evan Low – State Assembly, District 28✓  Gary Miller– Roseville City School Board✓  Georgette Gomez – San Diego City Council District 9✓  Greg Pettis – Cathedral City CouncilX  Greg Rodriguez – State Assembly, District 42✓  John Bauters – Emeryville City CouncilX  John Stevens – Martinez City CouncilX  Kimberly Alvarenga – San Francisco City Supervisor District 11X  Les Zendle – Director Desert Healthcare District✓  Mark Takano – US House, CA-41X  Pablo Benavente – Concord City CouncilX  Paul Henderson – San Francisco Superior Court Seat 7✓  Rene Spring – Morgan Hill City Council✓  Sabrina Cervantes – State Assembly, District 60✓  Scott Wiener – State Assembly, District 11✓  Steven Hansen – Sacramento City Council, District 4✓  Susan Eggman – State Assembly, District 13X  Thomas Lister-Looker – Palm Springs Unified School District Trustee Area 1✓  Toni Atkins – State Senate, District 39
✓  Jared Polis – U.S. House, CO-2✓  Leslie Herod – State House, District 8X  Marti Smith – Jefferson County Commission District 1✓  Paul Rosenthal – State House, District 9
ConnecticutX  John Scott – State House, District 40
District of Columbia
✓  Jack Jacobson – State Board of Education Ward 2
X  Beth Tuura – State House, District 47✓  Carlos Guillermo Smith – State House, District 49✓  David Richardson – State House, District 113X  Jennifer Webb – State House, District 69X  Ken Keechl – State House, District 93X  Lea Krauss – Circuit Court Judge 17th Judicial Circuit Group 9X  Steve Smith – Florida Keys Mosquito Control Commission District 3
Georgia✓  Joan Garner – County Commissioner District 4✓  Karla Drenner – State House, District 85X  Linda Curtis – Towns County Sheriff✓  Park Cannon– State House, District 58✓  Sam Park – State House, District 101
X  Bryce Smith – State House, District 19✓  Liz Bennett –  State House, District 65
✓  John McCrostie – House District 16A
Illinois✓  Catherine Schneider – Judge, Circuit Court of Cook County 11th Sub circuit✓  Greg Harris – State House, District 13✓  Kelly Cassidy – State House, District 114
IndianaX  Dana Black – State House, District 88
KentuckyX  Jim Gray – U.S. Senate, KY
✓  Andrew McLean – State House, District 27X  Henry Beck –State Senate, District 16✓  Justin Chenette –State Senate, District 31✓  Ryan Fecteau –State House District 11
Massachusetts✓  Eileen Duff – Governor’s Council✓  Jack Lewis – State Senate, 7th Middlesex District✓  Julian Cyr – State Senate, Cape & Islands District✓  Stan Rosenberg – State Senate Hampshire, Franklin, Worcester District
Michigan✓  Brian McGrain – Ingham County Commission, District 10✓  Jason Morgan – Washtenaw County Commission, District 8✓  Jeremy Moss –State House, District 35✓  Jon Hoadley –State House, District 60✓  Richard Renner – Pioneer Township Supervisor
X  Angie Craig – U.S. House, MN-2✓  Erin Maye Quade – State House, District 57A✓  Scott Dibble – State Senate, District 61
Missouri✓  Greg Razer – State House, District 25✓  Randy Dunn – State House, District 23
Montana✓  Bryce Bennett – State House, District 91X  Denise Juneau – U.S. House, MT-AL
Nevada✓  David Parks – State Senate, District 7X  Devon Reese – State Senate, District 15✓  Kelvin Atkinson – State Senate, District 4✓  Nelson Araujo – State Assembly, District 3✓  Pat Spearman – State Senate, District 1
New HampshireX  Aaron Gill – State House, District 2✓  Chris Pappas – Executive Council District 4✓  Ed Butler – State House, District 7X  Rachael Booth – State House, District 15
New JerseyX  Sue Fulton – Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders
New Mexico✓  Jacob Candelaria – State Senate, District 26✓  Liz Stefanics – State Senate, District 39
New YorkX  Grace Hanlon  – State Supreme Court District 8X  John DeVito – State Senate, District 3✓  Matthew Titone – State House, District 61✓  Sean Maloney – U.S. House, NY-18
North Carolina✓  Greg Ford – Wake County Commission District 6X  Jane Campbell – State House, District 98X  Julia Boseman – New Hanover County CommisionerX  Linda Stephens – Associate Judge, North Carolina Court of Appeals                                           
North Dakota✓  Joshua Boschee – State House, District 44X  Kyle Thorson – State House, District 18
OhioX  Darlene Rogers – Judge, Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas, General Division✓  Nickie Antonio – State House, District 13✓  Sandra Kurt – Summit County Clerk of CourtsX  Tommy Greene – State House, District 16
OregonX  Jon Gustafson – Lake Oswego City Council✓  Kate Brown –  GovernorX  Paul Southwick – State House, District 37
Pennsylvania✓  Brian Sims – State House, District 183
Rhode Island✓  David Cicilline – U.S. House, RI-1✓  Deb Ruggiero – State House, District 74
Texas✓  Celia Israel – State House, District 50X  Dakota Carter – State Board of Education District 6✓  Jimmy Flannigan – Austin City Council District 6✓  Kim Ogg – Harris County District Attorney✓  Mary González – State House, District 75✓  Steven Kirkland – Judge 334th Judicial District                 
✓  Debbie Ingram – State Senate, Chittenden District
Washington✓  Anthony Gipe – King County Superior Court, Position 52X  Brady Walkinshaw – U.S. House, WA-7✓  Christine Kilduff – State House, District 28B✓  Johanna Bender – King County Superior Court, Dept. 28X  Kathy Gillespie – State House, District 18b✓  Laurie Jinkins – State House, District 27A✓  Mary Yu – State Supreme Court Judge Position 1✓  Nicole Macri – State House, District 43✓  Robert Gelder – Kitsap County Commissioner, District 1X  Tina Podlodowski – Secretary of State
West Virginia
X  Stephen Skinner – State Senate, District 16X  Rod Snyder – State House, District 67
Wisconsin✓  JoCasta Zamarripa – State House District 8X  Joe Huftel – State Assembly District 75✓  Mark Pocan – US House WI-02✓  Mark Spreitzer – State Assembly District 45
Wyoming✓  Cathy Connolly – State House, District 13
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