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Victory Fund lauds DOMA ruling, calls for action in 38 states

Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, issued the following statement today regarding the U.S Supreme Court’s landmark decision that gutted the Defense of Marriage Act and brought federal recognition of legally married same-sex couples:

“This outcome was predicted by legal experts, but it’s still a remarkable and hopeful moment. And while the ruling doesn’t extend marriage equality to any other states, it does mean that when we finally win there too, those wins will be even sweeter.

I’m proud that openly LGBT elected officials led fights in states that today recognize our marriages. They have been crucial to building the bridges to equality that their straight colleagues cross.

Now we must begin to change the hearts and minds of voters, lawmakers and political leaders in the 38 states that still forbid gays and lesbians to marry. That will take the work of the fantastic coalitions that have seen much success in recent years, and it will require electing more LGBT people to change legislatures from the inside.

Today we owe a hearty thank-you to the legal team that won a huge victory for Edie Windsor and same-sex couples across the country. The American Civil Liberties Union had a lot of help from some of our movement’s most dedicated and impressive legal minds, and all of them have worked hard on cases that brought us to this moment.”

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