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Victory Institute holds first LGBT leadership trainings in Peru

The Victory Institute, along with partner organizations in the region, hosted the first cycle of LGBT leaders trainings in Lima, Peru this past week.

Much like the Candidate and Campaign Trainings  presented by the Victory Institute in the United States, these are focused on cultivating the next wave of LGBT political leaders, but in their respective country.  Peru joins Colombia and Serbia as host countries for trainings collaborated by the Institute.

Thirty diverse participants, from community leaders to activists, participated in the first of three meetings, focusing on strengthening the political prowess of the LGBT community in Peru. Throughout the weekend training, attendees learned about the importance of LGBT representation at all levels of government, the electoral system in Peru, and the agendas of political parties in the region.

Throughout the remaining sessions, participants will learn many aspects of politics including messaging and communication as an openly LGBT person, building coalitions, and the promotion of human rights in the country. The information and lessons learned from these trainings are invaluable to promoting equal rights in the region and ensuring that LGBT people have a voice in their government.

These trainings are possible with corroboration with The Center for the Promotion and Defense of Sexual and Reproductive Rights (PROMSEX) and the Triangle Foundation and supported by the European Union, USAID, and the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice.

To learn more about the trainings in Peru, click here. If you would like to learn about the Inaugural Meeting of LGBTI Political Leadership in Latin America and the Caribbean occurring September 4-6, 2014 in Lima, click here.