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Voter registration efforts give Matt Heinz boost in District 2

Following months of voter outreach efforts in Arizona, new registration numbers released by the secretary of state are great news for Victory candidate Matt Heinz.
In District 2, which includes parts of Pima and Cochise Counties, Democrats have added thousands of new voters. The district is one of the country’s most competitive: Republican Rep. Martha McSally won the seat in 2014 by only 167 votes.
Democrats have added more party-affiliated voters than Republicans. In Pima County, Democratic registration went up by 7 percent while Republican registration went up only 3 percent. 
The 2016 cycle is expected to be just as competitive, and the new registration totals are expected to boost Victory candidate Dr. Matt Heinz.
The announcement follows a number of recent developments in Heinz’s favor. Last month the Congressional political arm of the Democratic Party added Heinz’s race as an “Emerging Race” in its Red to Blue program, allowing the party to devote resources and money to the district. Ahead of next week’s primary, Heinz picked up the endorsement of the state’s largest newspaper, The Arizona Republic. And presidential race polling numbers in the state led the Clinton campaign to deploy field organizers in the state who will boost down-ballot Democrats.
Meanwhile, Heinz has repeatedly called out his opponent for her refusal to denounce presidential candidate Donald Trump. While she’s distanced herself from the controversial candidate, Martha McSally has said she might still vote for him.
The primary takes place next Tuesday, August 30.
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