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7 unbelievable things Bigot Bob Marshall has said about LGBTQ people and women

Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall – or Bigot Bob for short – has a long history of insulting just about everyone.

It’s his particular obsession on LGBTQ people that earned him the nickname “Virginia’s Chief Homophobe.” But beyond his words is something even more concerning – his actions. Bigot Bob is the driving force behind almost every anti-woman and anti-LGBTQ proposal in Virginia.

Luckily, Victory Fund has endorsed Danica Roem to replace Bigot Bob. Danica is an openly transgender champion of equality and the middle class who hopes to become the first openly trans legislator in the country.

Danica needs you now. Support Danica’s campaign with a direct contribution today and help unseat Bigot Bob.

Let’s take a look back at some of the most alarming things Bigot Bob has said over the years:

  1. He said that gays shouldn’t serve in the military because they might have HIV and be unable to give blood.

“If I needed a blood transfusion and the guy next to me had committed sodomy 14 times in the last month, I’d be worried,” he said.

  1. He said that a gay man shouldn’t become a judge because of his sexual orientation – and led the charge to block his confirmation.

“We have to accept nominees to the bench who by their past behavior and actions in life are temperamentally suited to sit in judgment of their fellow citizens,” said Marshall.

  1. He said that flying a pride flag was a felony.

In response to an LGBTQ employee group being allowed to fly the pride flag at the Federal Reserve in Richmond, Bigot Bob said: “This is a celebration of a behavior that is still a class six felony in Virginia. How can the American people trust the judgment of the Federal Reserve as an institution when its spokesperson celebrates an attack on public morals?”

  1. He said that children with disabilities are God’s punishment for abortion.

“The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the first born of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children,” Bigot Bob stated at an anti-Planned Parenthood rally.

  1. He said Supreme Court Justice Kennedy was gay because of his decision in Windsor.

“For all I know, Kennedy’s a homosexual. You can’t be doing some of these things without this kind of conclusion,” he said of the ruling.

  1. He said that men will dress up to enter women’s bathrooms and attack them in the absence of a discriminatory bathroom bill.

“Some guys will use anything to make a move on some teenage girls or women,” was Bigot Bob’s creepy justification to endanger transgender people.


  1. He told a transgender man he couldn’t use the bathroom at the state capitol.

“Not here,” was Bigot Bob’s response when asked by a trans activist where he could use the bathroom.