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Angie Craig ahead of Jason ‘Mini Trump’ Lewis in recent poll

The most recent polling in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District race shows Victory-endorsed candidate Angie Craig ahead of opponent Jason “Mini-Trump” Lewis by five points. It’s exciting news, with just 19 days until the election.
The KTSP-TV and SurveyUSA poll also shows Angie holds a five point lead over Lewis on the economy, which voters identified as the most important issue this election cycle. And she is leading among moderates and independents, further indication her message is resonating in the Republican-leaning district. 
While Angie runs an issue-focused campaign, Lewis’ scorched-earth approach has led several media outlets to dub him “Mini-Trump.” He has called young women “non-thinking,” saying they only care about abortion and gay marriage, suggested immigrants are destroying white culture, and implied that slavery might not only be legal, but would be just fine with him. We’ve compiled some of his most offensive comments here.
If elected, Angie would be the first openly LGBTQ member of Congress from Minnesota and only the third LGBTQ woman in Congressional history.
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