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Angie Craig opponent uses family photo to attack her wife and kids

Above: A Facebook post by GOP Communications Chair Vickie Froehlich attacking Angie Craig’s family.

On Friday, a local GOP Communications Chair raising funds on behalf of Minnesota Congressional candidate Jason Lewis used a family photo to attack the wife and kids of Victory-endorsed candidate Angie Craig.

In a Facebook post promoting an upcoming Lewis fundraiser, Vickie Froehlich showed a photo of Angie, her wife and four teenage sons playing Scrabble around their dining table, and said:

“In case you’re wondering – the family photo page is the families of our candidates and then of Jason Lewis’ opponent – Angie Craig. She’s liberal and this is her family. She and her female marriage partner and their 4 teenage sons. Support Jason, give to Jason and work for Jason!!!”

Jason Lewis has not denounced this attack, and an apology is unlikely. Like Donald Trump, there’s no group of Americans “Mini-Trump” Jason Lewis has not insulted. He has called young women “non-thinking,” saying they only care about abortion and gay marriage, suggested immigrants are destroying white culture, and implied that slavery might not only be legal, but would be just fine with him.

Jason Lewis is nicknamed “Mini-Trump” for a reason, and his attacks will affect all LGBTQ Americans if he reaches the U.S. Congress. We need to elect Angie in November.

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