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Photos: Victory Fund team deployed across the country for GOTV efforts

The Victory Fund team is on the ground across the country — canvassing, door knocking and discussing GOTV strategies with LGBTQ candidates who can make an outsize impact on equality with wins on Election Day. 
Seven Victory Fund team members joined campaigns for the last few days before voters hit the polls. We were or are out with Governor Kate Brown, Jennifer Webb, Beth Tuura, Jane Campbell, Tommy Greene, Matt Heinz and Ken Keechl. Check out some great photos below.
Gov. Kate Brown and President & CEO Aisha C. Moodie-Mills talk politics with youth in Oregon. 
Jennifer Webb and Political Intern Matt Lipson attend TransPride in Florida’s State House District 69.
Beth Tuura and International Programs Associate Ankit Gupta canvassing in Florida’s State House District 47.
Jane Campbell discussed campaign and GOTV strategy with Political Manager Ash Hall  in North Carolina’s State House District 98.
Tommy Greene canvassed with Victory Campaign Board Director Courtney Mott in Ohio’s State House District 16.
Matt Heinz and Vice President of Leadership Initiatives Ruben Gonzalez leaving headquarters to knock on doors in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District. 
Ken Keechl and Director of Development Joe Sangirardi take a break from canvassing for a quick selfie in Florida’s State House District 93.
See all the Victory candidates running in this year’s election and don’t forget to vote!