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Angie Craig rakes in over $400K in Quarter 1

Minnesota Congressional candidate Angie Craig announced yesterday that she raised over $400,000 in the first quarter of 2016.
With over 115 different endorsements from groups like Victory Fund and EMILY’s List, Angie’s ability to fundraise signals that she’s on track to win the seat in November. The biggest sign of the campaign’s growing bank of support is the 3,000+ individual donors who’ve opened their wallets for Angie.
Recently, Cook Political Report upgraded Angie’s district from ‘leans Republican” to “toss up.”
“Voters in the Second Congressional District are ready for someone who will fight for opportunities for all families, including high-quality education and affordable college, help create good-paying jobs that grow economic opportunity, and protect Medicare and Social Security for our seniors” Angie said. “I am humbled by the outpouring of support from individuals who are ready and willing to invest in this campaign and in our future.”
Five Republicans are competing for their party’s nomination to replace anti-LGBTQ Rep. John Kline.  Angie’s opponents in the DFL primary dropped out of the race earlier this year.
Angie’s race presents a rare opportunity to replace an outgoing anti-LGBTQ member of Congress with a campion for LGBTQ rights.
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