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Eric Fanning receives bi-partisan praise during Senate hearing

Eric Fanning finally had his day before the Senate Armed Services Committee Thursday. While the date for the full Senate to vote on Fanning’s confirmation has not been set, the hearing on his appointment to be Army Secretary went proceeded with little debate.
During the hearing, Fanning received bi-partisan support from the committee members, who questioned him on his experience, positions and proposed plans for the army. There was no mention of his sexual orientation.
Sen. Lindsey Graham was especially in agreement of Fanning’s appointment and positions, calling him “well-qualified” and saying he “looks forward to voting for him.”
Should the vote go as smoothly as yesterday’s hearing, Fanning will become the first openly gay person appointed as Army Secretary. Fanning was appointed by President Obama in September, but his confirmation had been stalled by the Senate until now.
In the meantime, Fanning served as the Acting Army Secretary, but resigned earlier this month after Sen. John McCain expressed legal concerns with his role. His resignation led the Senate to proceed with his confirmation process.
You can watch the full hearing on C-SPAN here.
Fanning’s successful hearing and expected confirmation are a major victory for the LGBTQ community, particularly those in the armed services.