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Angie Craig’s opponent nicknamed ‘mini-Trump’ in The Atlantic

The impact of Minnesota Republicans nominating radio shock-jock Jason Lewis for Congress against Democrat Angie Craig has been swift and severe. Just a day after his nomination, the Cook Political Report upgraded the race from ‘toss-up’ to ‘leans Democratic.’ And now, an Atlantic article highlighting Lewis’ history of racist and misogynistic remarks is aptly titled, “Meet Minnesota’s ‘Mini-Trump’”.
However the quotes cited in the article might even make the Republican presidential nominee blush. On Lewis’ radio show, of which Rush Limbaugh was a frequent guest, Lewis made inflammatory statements about several communities he is now trying to represent. He called young women “ignorant […] in the most general way” and Katrina victims “a bunch of whiners down there.” In an update to his 2011 book, Lewis compared the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of marriage equality to slavery.
As the article in The Atlantic stressed, Lewis has built up his name in order to run for this seat through “racist, misogynistic, and generally from-the-fringe rants.”
That’s one of the many reasons we are proud to endorse Angie Craig. 
Angie Craig is one of Victory’s 2016 Spotlight candidates running for congress. The election for Minnesota’s District 2 seat will take place November 8th. If elected, Craig will be the only current lesbian serving in the House and Minnesota’s first elected LGBTQ congresswoman.
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