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Tina Podlodowski promotes voting rights in second debate

Tina Podlodowski and her opponent Kim Wyman debated for a second time in Spokane, Washington on August 17. Over the course of an hour, both candidates touted their resumes and the direction they want to take elections as Washington’s Secretary of State.
Tina Podlodowski made clear she is the candidate that will expand voting rights and ensure all eligible people are able to vote. Podlodowski noted that under Kim Wyman’s supervision, elections in Washington have seen dismal voter turnout, contrary to the promises Wyman made when she first ran for office. In order to increase election participation, Victory-endorsed Podlodowski said her plan that includes auditing the election system and expanding the state’s voter registration.
She explained, “I don’t think we have to accept poor performance when it comes to turnout.”
Tina Podlodowski is one of Victory’s Spotlight Candidates running in Washington. If elected, she would be the nation’s first LGBTQ Secretary of State.

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