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Denise Juneau’s opponent booed after saying being a lesbian is a choice

Denise Juneau squared off against opponent Ryan Zinke in a debate full of hot topics – but the most memorable moment came as the crowd booed Zinke for saying being a lesbian is a choice.
Throughout the debate, Denise shined and Zinke sunk, especially when asked how the two would work to protect LGBTQ rights. Denise received applause after saying, “That’s an awesome answer for me. No. 1, get elected.” She then highlighted she would be the first Congresswoman from Montana since 1941, the first Native American woman ever in Congress, and the first LGBTQ person elected to Congress from Montana. Denise closed her statement saying “representation matters.”
Zinke’s response, on the other hand, received jeers from the crowd. While stating his support for freedom of religion, he said: “It’s not my right to dictate how you think or what you do. And so I do support you (Juneau)… if you want to be lesbian, if you want to be Muslim, it doesn’t matter. You have the right to be you.” His response, implying Denise chose to be a lesbian, drew boos and groans from the audience.
We could not agree with Denise more. Representation does matter. And we need more voices like Denise’s in Congress – in part to stop the kind of ignorance Zinke demonstrated last night.
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