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Jim Gray says anti-LGBTQ company should “adapt to the times”

While attending a Kentucky Farm Bureau annual breakfast this morning, Victory-endorsed US Senate candidate Jim Gray told reporters the insurance company should “adapt to the times” and change its long-held anti-LGBTQ policies. The company opposes marriage equality and benefits for same-sex partners, and its president says he will “not apologize” for the “principles… which have served our nation [and company] very well for a long time.”
While many attendees – including Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin – defended the company’s positions and joked at the expense of pro-LGBTQ protestors, Jim said he shared the protestor’s concerns and attended the event “to engage those who have different points of view in order to find common ground and shared values.”
Jim’s willingness to speak openly about LGBTQ equality while connecting with voters who disagree exemplifies his courage and leadership. Two qualities which voters, incidentally, find lacking in his opponent Rand Paul. 

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