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Latest poll shows huge increase in support for U.S. Senate candidate Jim Gray

A new poll shows Victory-endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Jim gray gaining significant ground in his race against Senator Rand Paul –further indication this is the sleeper race of the 2016 election cycle. A Babbage Cofounder Pulse Poll found Jim just seven points behind Paul, a tremendous 12 point gain since an early August poll showed Jim 19 points behind. Significantly, 42 percent of Kentucky voters remain undecided despite Paul’s strong name recognition, and these voters are gravitating toward Jim’s problem-solving Kentucky-focused message.
Meanwhile, Paul continues to hide from Kentucky voters. Jim has called on Paul to “come out of the closet” and participate in a debate on the issues important to Kentuckians – which he has so far refused to do. Paul knows Jim is better on the issues voters care about, and that his substantive policy solutions resonate. Paul’s weak support in the poll demonstrates that voters have soured on Paul’s failed Senate term. They’ll remember Paul didn’t do his job while he spent months campaigning across the country on a spectacularly failed bid for the presidency. It’s time for new leadership. Gray’s appeal has been pitch perfect for Kentucky voters and we look forward to calling him the next U.S. Senator from Kentucky.
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