The Agenda

LGBTQ candidate targeted with homophobic ad in historic Alaska race

With his election tomorrow, Victory Fund endorsed candidate Felix Rivera is facing homophobic attacks from his opponent in the race for Anchorage Downtown Assembly.

His opponent, Don Smith, unleashed a bigotry-filled mailer over the weekend that says Felix’s agenda “revolves around inflicting his moral and religious ideology onto your family” – a clear attack on Felix’s sexual orientation. The same ad also attacks Felix’s pro-immigration policies, claiming such policies “release rapists and murderers into society.”

Despite the ugly attacks, Anchorage voters can make history tomorrow by electing Felix. If elected, he will be the one of the first openly LGBTQ elected officials in Alaska. Felix has vastly out-raised his opponents and is well-positioned to win his race.

Unfortunately, several LGBTQ candidates have faced homophobic attacks ads in recent weeks, including U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin who is up for re-election in 2018. Victory Fund will continue to work to support LGBTQ candidates under attack by anti-LGBTQ opponents.