The Agenda

Tammy Baldwin raises over $2 million to protect U.S. Senate seat

Tammy Baldwin – the United States’ first and only LGBTQ Senator – raised $2.2 million in the first fundraising quarter of 2017, ending with $2.4 million cash on hand. The fantastic fundraising numbers, despite facing homophobic attacks from opponents, is the sign of a campaign off to a great start. Wisconsin’s other senator, Ron Johnson, only raised $1.3 million during the first quarter of 2015. While no Republican candidate has officially announced a challenge to her, dark money spending against her has already begun.

The fight to keep Tammy in office will only get harder from here. Extremist groups poured millions of dollars into ads against Tammy in 2012 and it will be even worse this election. These groups are not below attacking Tammy for her sexual orientation and we must continue to support her against hate and bigotry. She needs all our support to win one of the most critical Senate races of 2018.

You can sign a pledge to fight back against homophobic attacks targeting Tammy, or donate directly to her campaign. We need voices like hers now more than ever.